How to Plan Your Video Content

Gripping videos require storytelling. Whether it be an informational, educational, tutorial, or just plain entertaining video, you need to outline a script for your story to make sense and follow a logical order.

Half-Hour Sitcom

The Half-Hour Sitcom Formula is essentially a blueprint designed to make sitcom writing seamless. Using the formula, writers are able to create episode after episode of any given sitcom television series and have each one feel unique while also following a fairly strict 20-30 minute time limit.

Best Storytelling Tools

Storytelling is an art. It evokes strong feelings and emotions; it changes views and opinions; it causes people to act in ways they normally wouldn’t. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know where to get started. But fear not creatives, we’re going to recommend some of our favorite storytelling tools to help you right along.

How to Structure a Podcast

Hey there, we’re Prewrite. And we strongly believe that great storytelling requires tried and true story structure. Yes, that absolutely includes podcasts.

The Hero's Journey

Hero’s Journey is a classic, mythical story structure broken down into 12 stages. Also referred to as the “monomyth,” Hero’s Journey functions as a circular model, meaning the hero’s physical trek will typically end right where it began.

Scaling Freytag's Pyramid

Freytag's Pyramid, or Freytag's Triangle, is a popular dramatic structure that specifies seven key elements of a successful narrative. Although some only acknowledge five elements, we're going to dig deeper and cover all seven.