Prewrite's Screenplay Breakdown Series: Part I

Ever wondered why certain films fly, and others just... flop? There are a million reasons why it could go one way or the other. At Prewrite, we’re determined to break down great screenplays into their structural elements and pinpoint what makes them winners in the film industry. In this article, we'll break down The Shawshank Redemption and When Harry Met Sally.

Yes Theory Works... and Here's Why

The world of visual media is a vast, endless sea filled with content of all shapes and sizes. But sometimes, you come across certain pieces of content that stand out from the rest. Yes Theory’s YouTube videos absolutely fall under that category... and here's why.

Top Three (easily fixable) Mistakes Brands Make With Video Scripts

It’s time to crack your knuckles and knock out that video script. Maybe you’re writing an explainer video, or an ad for a new product, or maybe you’re shooting for the stars with the next Dollar Shave Club or Dr. Squatch viral ad. Here’s the thing, you can totally do it. We’ve got all the faith in you. But there are some key things you just can’t skip along the way.

How to Master the Art of Screenwriting

There are thousands upon thousands of new scripts floating around the market. You want yours to stand out and capture the attention of readers and producers. Let us help you tap into your genius, with some tips from the pros!

How to Plan Your Video Content

Gripping videos require storytelling. Whether it be an informational, educational, tutorial, or just plain entertaining video, you need to outline a script for your story to make sense and follow a logical order.

Half-Hour Sitcom

The Half-Hour Sitcom Formula is essentially a blueprint designed to make sitcom writing seamless. Using the formula, writers are able to create episode after episode of any given sitcom television series and have each one feel unique while also following a fairly strict 20-30 minute time limit.