Build Your Audience with Storytelling

Why do content creators, filmmakers and brands struggle to outline or write great video content for YouTube? It's a tough question. It could be that most content creators aren't professionally trained in writing stories for video. It can be challenging to succinctly communicate your message in a way that both entertains and inspires viewer engagement. Creating great content takes time, hard work and creativity - things many either lack, or struggle to find more of.

That was me before I found Prewrite, it helped me overcome many of these issues all at once, so I decided to make this video. Story can be hard and somewhat complex, but it doesn't have to be. If you want your audience to watch, not skip, you need to make sure you're telling a captivating story. Done right, it will keep your audience hooked from beginning to middle to end.

With a video storytelling tool like Prewrite, you can plan more engaging content, attract more subscribers, and boost your watch time and search ranking. Story is more important than you realize. It made all the difference for me. It was a total game changer. Please enjoy.

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