The Secret to Structuring Your YouTube Videos

# According to a Creator Who Earns 2M Weekly Views

Meet Liron Segev.

Liron is the editor and author of, an award-winning tech blog, and hosts the Liron Segev YouTube channel. A YouTube channel with over 340,000 subscribers and over 2 million weekly views.

Liron knows a thing or two about creating YouTube strategies that work.

And, somehow, we convinced him to share his secret sauce with you.

So if you’re ready to learn how to structure your YouTube videos for success, let’s dive in with Liron.

You did the hard part – got someone to stop their YouTube scroll, see your amazing thumbnail, read your title and they decided to click on your video. How do you keep them watching for longer?

Firstly, why do you want people watching for longer?

YouTube has a signal called retention. The longer you keep people watching your video, the more watch time hours you accumulate the stronger the signal is to YouTube that your video has great quality.

Great quality videos are shared to a wider audience giving more people the opportunity to see your video as YouTube places it on their YouTube home screen and in the suggested feed as the recommended video to watch next.

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube search is not the fastest way to grow your audience and channel, but having your videos in browse (YouTube home page) and suggested (the next video to watch) is where you want to be.

So how do you keep people watching for longer?

It all starts with the hook. This is the first 30 seconds of the video where you have to grab the viewer’s attention and reconfirm that they will get value from your video. A big mistake creators make is having a long intro, with their animation and logo and this is NOT what a viewer came for!

Hook the audience in. Re-affirm that they will get value watching the video and they have not been clickbaited into clicking on this video.

Mr Beast does a superb job in hooking the viewer in by reconfirming the title instantly: Today I will give away $100 000 to a random stranger.

You want to look at your Analytics in YouTube Studio and click on Engagement. YouTube will show you your top videos and the percentage of your audience that you kept at that 30% mark.

Look at your top videos and see if you replicate that success on your next video.

After the hook, is the “meat” of the video. This is where you deliver on the promise of your title and the hook. Keep the viewer engaged by not having them constantly stare at your talking-head. Use pattern interruption technique where you re-engage your viewer with new text on the screen, sound, B-Roll and even zooming in and out or a different angle.

The final bit of your video is the outro. Don’t use closing words such as “thank you for hanging out with me, don’t forget to like and subscribe” As soon as a viewer hears those words, they know that the video has ended and they move onto the next video.

Instead, send the viewer to another video you have in your library on the same topic. For example: if this video is all about How to get faster WiFi, you may say “and check out this video over here where I show you 5 things to change on your router for even faster connectivity”

Remember, that for you as the creator, the journey is now complete. However, for a viewer they are still continuing their YouTube journey. Therefore sending them to your next video will not only increase your video views, but will also build trust with your viewer who may subscribe.

Attribution: Liron Segev, YouTube Growth Strategist – @Liron_Segev (twitter)