How to Build a Writing Habit According to Prolific Creators

We all know just how daunting that blank page can be. It’s like a black hole that mercilessly mocks us and laughs in our face.

It’s tough to find consistent motivation and energy to meet our goals… and we creators are notorious for procrastination.

A successful writing career is structured around navigating distractions, maintaining habits, and streamlining the creative process.

No matter where you find your inspiration to write, you’ve just got to start.

Let’s dissect some valuable insights from a few prolific creators!

# The Advice

Where else would you get better guidance than from those who already know the ropes? These three successful creators have been around the block a few times. Take our word for it, and heed their advice.

Kieran Majury of (opens new window) suggests:

Write every day. Start small with 10 minutes, and do that for a month at least. Then once it's an established habit, add on more time. Don't worry about the writing being good either. Feel free to let yourself suck.

Simple, yet powerful, advice right here. All strong writers have something in common: they made the time to write.

A daily writing habit (whether your work sucks or not) will train you to realize that writer’s block is simply a figment of your imagination. As long as you’re writing something, you’re not blocked.

Once you find the motivation to keep going, you'll be unstoppable.

Scott Dikkers, founder of (opens new window) asserts:

It’s so easy to give in to all the seductive options we have nowadays to get instant gratification. We can watch videos, we can go on social media, we can respond to texts, we can dillydally around the house, we can play with the cat. The list is endless. Everyone in the world, it seems, is trying to get your attention and trying to pull you away from the important tasks you’re trying to achieve in your life.

Don’t let them.


Scott is absolutely correct. There's no doubt that distractions will arise when you sit down to write. This is where you must persevere.

Give yourself a target or deadline, and stick to it. Without a clear goal in mind, how will you keep track of the progress you've made?

Last, but certainly not least, Justin Welsh of (opens new window) shares:

When I look at my writing from 36 months ago, I don't even recognize it.

Put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) every day.

700+ unique pieces later, I have one major takeaway:

Consistency wins. When creativity hits, I work until it's gone. Sometimes, I'll write 5-7 good things at a time.

Other days? I'll just write a bunch of nonsense just to keep my streak going.

Outside of the few hours I spend daily writing and creating, I have specific hours for client work.

Say it with us - consistency is key.

Never underestimate the power of a steady, structured plan. Once you have a writing schedule in place, let the words flow. Even if you're writing nothing but nonsense, at least you're flexing those creative muscles regularly.

# The Key Takeaway

Building a writing habit is no easy feat. But with a little inspiration and drive, great results are right around the corner.

The bottom line: stay the course. Be consistent, say no to distractions, and maintain a strong work ethic. Great things come out of determination, and we can't wait to see what you create.

Most importantly, don't be afraid to call yourself a writer. It's time to become more comfortable with this identity. Maybe you write for your career. Maybe it's just a hobby. But... do you write?

Well then, we've got some news for you - you are a writer. Never doubt that again.

Happy prewriting!