Prewrite for Educators

Inspire our next generation of great storytellers.


Built for learning.

Prewrite makes teaching and evaluating story assignments simple and intuitive.

Learn From the Masters

Our library of breakdowns visually and interactively reveals story mechanics in popular content.

Use them as a reference in class, and as a basis for classwork and assignments.

Structured Assignments

From Aristotle's Three Acts to Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey, Prewrite offers all the timeless paradigms.

Our templates allow students to quickly learn and utilize these structures.

Guide Your Students

Prewrite's knowledge base and built-in tooltips guide storytellers of any level.

On top of that, we'll work with you to further taylor Prewrite to your curriculum.

More Features and Benefits

Classroom Management

Manage your students, assignments, and submissions easily, from anywhere.

In-Person or Remote

Story breakdowns and assignments are just a link away to any student.


Prewrite works great on any modern internet-enabled device.

Group Assignments

Easily assign group work and foster collaboration.

Free Resources

Our story breakdowns and sample assignments are available at no cost.

Middle School to Film School

Prewrite it used by professionals, but built for learning story at any level.

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