Importing a Script Into Prewrite

# Why Use the Prewrite Importer?

Prewrite elevates the screenwriting game with its unique process for visually outlining story ideas. Writers can now use a visual language to determine the quality of their work, and better sell their vision to buyers and collaborators alike.

But what if I didn't start my script in Prewrite?

Doesn't matter. Join Prewrite for FREE and get your import on!

Whether incomplete or in its final draft, your story will shine in Prewrite.

Here are some benefits to using the Prewrite Importer:

  • Turns your script into a visual presentation that's shareable online
  • Add stunning, commercial free images to your scenes and characters
  • Add markers for story beats, theme, emotional value metrics and notes
  • Auto-analyze your scripts content for mood and tone
  • Add metadata to your characters regarding race, gender, age and archetype for rich insights
  • View Story Stats that help identify hidden patterns and cultural bias
  • and more...

Checkout the video above to learn the basics of importing your script into Prewrite.