# Home View

Prewrite can be used for more than writing a great story. It's also an effective marketing tool that builds a pitch deck for your story as you write.

Think of the Home View as the cover page that grabs their attention.

# Story Details

This displays the content you entered when first saving your story in the My Stories section. You can edit this info by clicking Edit Story Details.

These buttons send you to different areas of the app for viewing and editing your story content in whichever mode you prefer. The functionality is identical to the top navigation menu but these items will remain visible on mobile devices while the top menu will collapse into a drop down.

# Actions

# Share

Email your story to one or more people from within the app. Before doing so you will be prompted to turn on sharing. This makes your story publicly viewable to anyone who has the link to your story. Turning this off again will block anyone from seeing your work.

# Download

This takes what you've written and downloads a properly formatted version of your screenplay to be opened in Final Draft. The file type is .fdx.

# Sign Out

This one pretty much speaks for itself I think.

# App Tour

You can launch the app tour from this dedicated button in the Home View or from the button with the same icon in the top menu. Clicking the latter will start the tour for the features of the current page.