# The Story Viewer

The Prewrite Story Viewer offers many ways to view, edit and analyze your story. Here's a brief overview of what each section has to offer.

# Home View

This view serves as a jumping off point for any Prewrite project. Think of it as a presentation layer or home page that sets the tone, lists important details like theme, genre, logline and cast, and provides quick access to other parts of the app.

# Timeline

The Timeline is the heart of Prewrite. It's what sets it apart from other writing tools. Read your screenplay as it will ultimately be seen, a sequence of interrelated events, a linear story web that makes visual sense of your work.

# Cards

Screenwriters traditionally use index cards to map out their story ideas. Like many things in Prewrite, we take these older methods and breathe new life into them. Our cards are interactive and illustrate the connections between scenes.

# Page

Sometimes you just want to read things on a page. We've got you covered. The Page view also shows plot threads, characters and notes for each scene.

# Story Stats

Find valuable insights into the hidden rhythms of your story world. Things like character relationships, gender representation, how often scenes take place at night and much more.

All of these complex details give a story its unique emotional signature, and this tool can help make sure everythign is working in harmony.

# Characters

Develop your characters and rearrange with ease.