# My Stories

This is where you can add, edit and remove stories in your Prewrite account.

# Add a Story

Click the + button to add a new story. You will be presented with an option to either import a script, or start a new Prewrite story from scratch. If you choose New Prewrite Story, you will be presented with a form for creating a new story.

# Import Final Draft or PDF

Prewrite allows you to import a screenplay as either a Final Draft(.fdx) or PDF file. Once imported we provide a host of powerful features that allow you to gain better insight into your story.

Prewrite Importer is currently in beta and has a few requirements we'll list below.

# Requirements

The Prewrite Importer will attempt to parse any Final Draft or PDF file you give it. That said, you can't always rely on a file having the proper formatting or xml data under the hood. For this reason we suggest you adhere to the following:

  • Your screenplay should follow studio formatting guidelines View Example (opens new window).
  • Final Draft (.fdx) works best as it includes character/cast data but we recommend rebuilding your cast report in Final Draft (opens new window) first.
  • PDFs should be exported directly from the following popular programs: Final Draft, Celtx, WriterDuet, Highland 2, Fade In.
  • Remove all scene numbers as are found in a shooting script.
  • Reformat two-column dialogue to one-column. Our system does not yet support two-column dialogue.

# Edit Story Details

Click the More button in the top right corner of a story thumbnail to edit the details of an existing story. Learn more about Story Details in the next section.