# Welcome to Prewrite

# What is Prewrite?

Prewrite was made to block writers block, so you never have to stare at a blank page ever again. It's a visual writing tool that outlines your story, scene-by-scene, to help execute flawless story structure. Once your idea is fully fleshed out, you can easily export to Final Draft for completion.

The app offers multiple ways to view your work including a feature-rich timeline, scene cards, page layout, and beautiful infographics that reveal both good and bad patterns in your story.

Need some inspiration? Add commercial-free stock images and actor headshots to jumpstart your imagination.

# What Prewrite is NOT

Prewrite is not a full-fledged screenwriting program. As mentioned above, it will export to Final Draft as a perfectly formatted screenplay, but the program excels primarily as an outlining tool.

It is not made for writing books. It may be used to develop ideas for any medium really, but it works best for writing in the third-person (only what is seen and/or heard). This is how screenplays are written because they are meant to be on screen. Currently Prewrite only exports to Final Draft which is specifically for writing screenplays.