Why use Prewrite over other screenwriting software?
The answer is...you don't necessarily. You can write an entire script in Prewrite but it's strength lies in its visual process for outlining story ideas, allowing you to skip the dreaded blank page.

It's packed with features that inspire the imagination and ensure your story structure is flawless. You can export your project and finish in virtually any other popular screenwriting program if you wish.
Can I cancel my membership?
Free members may request to have their account deleted if they wish. Monthly members may discontinue anytime and will not be charged starting on the following month. Annual members may discontinue their subscription and their membership will be active until the current year of service is complete.
Do I own my stories?
Absolutely. 1000%.
How do I upgrade my free account?
If you decide you'd like to take advantage of Prewrite's advanced writing features, you may simply purchase a monthly or annual membership from inside your account page with a simple checkout process.
If I cancel my paid subscription, will I still have access to my stories?
After canceling, you will be downgraded to a free membership. Your stories will not be erased but you will only have access to one story of your choosing.
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